Deep Amit Shah (Designer) Cultural Fusion in Men’s Wear, as Presented by Mujeem, Stuns at National Designer’s Awards 2023

I WDF Fashion Show - Mujeem in National Designer's Awards 2023

In a spectacular showcase of talent and creativity, the World Designing Forum (WDF) orchestrated a mesmerizing fashion show that resonated with the rich heritage of Gujarat. Representing the state with utmost grace and style, Deep Shah Designer, Mujeem model , took center stage and left an indelible mark at the prestigious National Designer's Awards 2023 (season-6).

Theme: mata ni pachedi

The fabrics we used were mul cotton, cotton and khadhi. The colour is dyed and painted with natural colours like neem, iron core and roses. 

artificial cloth painted in the temple. The term Mata ni pachedi is derived from the Gujarati language, where Mata means goddess, ni means belongs to and Pachedi means behind. When people of the lower cast community of Gujarat were banned from entering the temple They made their holy place with depictions of the mother goddess of different forms on the cloth. 

Today there are no such restrictions in temples so a piece is a sought-after collector's item, even though there are experiments with colours and motifs that are not traditionally in the Pachedi repertoire.

Due to the appearance of other mediums slowly Mata ni Pachedi's art is fading and listed in extinct art forms.

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