WDF Fashion Show Chronicles the Triumph of Mujeem in National Designer’s Awards 2023

WDF Fashion Show - Mujeem in National Designer's Awards 2023

In a spectacular showcase of talent and creativity, the World Designing Forum (WDF) orchestrated a mesmerizing fashion show that resonated with the rich heritage of Gujarat. Representing the state with utmost grace and style, Deep Shah model, Mujeem, took center stage and left an indelible mark at the prestigious National Designer's Awards 2023 (season-6).

Mujeem, under the guidance of the visionary Designer Vinit Jadhav from Artemisia College of Art and Design Indore, embodied the essence of elegance and cultural fusion. The showstopper, Mujeem, showcased a men's wear costume inspired by the opulent "Lal Bagh Palace" of Indore. His runway presence was nothing short of extraordinary, and his collaborative effort with Designer Vinit Jadhav left the audience in awe.

Crafted from the finest selection of suede and cotton, the garment exemplified a harmonious blend of Indian culture and Italian architecture. Vinit Jadhav's ingenious exploration of new avenues in men's wear design was showcased in every detail. The dress served as a testament to the seamless integration of our rich heritage and architectural influences, exemplifying the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.

The meticulous attention to detail was evident in the smart play of colors and motifs, drawn directly from the intricate interiors of the Lal Bagh Palace. The spotlight, however, gravitated towards the backside motif featuring the iconic logo of Raja Tukojirao Holkar, adding an extra layer of historical significance.

Mujeem, with his exemplary walk and cooperative spirit, breathed life into the ensemble, earning cheers and applause from both the discerning juries and the appreciative audience. The overall presentation by Designer Vinit Jadhav and Model Mujeem exuded grace and charm, elevating the garment to new heights of sophistication.

The WDF-orchestrated fashion extravaganza not only celebrated the creative genius of Designer Vinit Jadhav and Model Mujeem but also served as a testament to the global recognition of Gujarat's sartorial elegance and cultural richness. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, marking a glorious chapter in the fashion journey of Mujeem and the state of Gujarat on the international stage.

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